Learn about the refund policy of Eduexperts Online service provider

When working with Eduexperts Online you should never worry about work quality. Our work satisfaction rate is higher than anyone else. More than 95% of our customers return with their further orders. However, sometimes something may go wrong, and you can always refer to our refund policy in these cases. Being one of the most robust online assignment experts service providers, Eduexperts Online do take care of our customers and provides them with the best refund policy.

Eduexperts Online strives to ensure a clear understanding of financial relationships, with due respect to our service. Thus our company is held responsible for delivering the product promptly and according to the customer’s requirements indicated in the order. If any of the customers’ commitment to their order delivery is violated, then the customer is entitled to a partial or a full reimbursement according to our refund policy.


General information on the front policy of eduexperts online service provider 

Eduexperts Online is just a platform, and in no case would it be a part of any contracts made by experts and customers or any other service or materials provided by our experts. The company will in no way be responsible for monitoring customer and expert transactions.

Our different policy provides you the right to request reimbursement if the delivered product was not performed by the expert by the requirement in your order previously. As our website offers services related to legitimate academic assistance, we always want to be 100% sure that you’re fully satisfied.

To make our policy as transparent as possible, we further emphasize that there are certain situations when we can offer a refund mostly:

  1. No expert assigned-  This is an extreme restriction, but sometimes it does happen. The refund amount is always 100% if you face situations like this.

  2. Late cancellation- If the expert is assigned, but you decide to cancel the order, you will receive 100% to 70% of the entire cost. It covers the efforts of our company and the expert in their attempt to provide you with the best product and service. This applies to causes when the paper has not been uploaded just yet and if the work was already completed. Then the case will be checked as a dispute claim, and our quality assurance department checks such claims.

  3. Accidental duplicate order- To cancel an order placed as a mistake, you need to contact us as soon as possible. You need to clarify that the other order is not required, and a full refund is to be fully processed. The order would be valid if it did not receive any cancellation request, and an expert will be assigned. You can still cancel the order, but one of the situations like disputed claims, late delivery, or late cancellation may apply.


Under what circumstances Does eduexperts online service provider not provide a refund?

Eduexperts Online it’s not entitled to provide your refund if:

  • Use the product for personal purposes- in this case, at least 70% of the contract price should be released, yet the sum may be modified according to our QA department.

  • The editing and proofreading of the order did not matter requirements – Your task here is to provide an expert with precise requirements and expectations concerning your order delivered. Thus we are not responsible for errors and contextual nature in the material provided.

  • The refund period has expired – Refunds are available for six months From their original transaction date. Money can be returned through the original payment method used for the initial purchase within six months, but we cannot offer you a refund after the period has passed.


What is the procedure for a refund at Eduexperts online?

After receiving the refund confirmation, our company will process it within two business days. Please note that the company cannot be held responsible for your bank transfer fee transfer anomalies or possible delays due to any bank server issue.


What are the chargebacks of our company?

In case of a chargeback by a credit card company in connexion with your purchase of the service, you agree that we must suspend access to any accounts you have with us. Fees incurred as the result of charge bags or any payment disputes and disputes requiring accounting a legal services shall all be covered by you.

If your last activity on our website as of the last known date is more than 180 days, your account will be considered expired. It will get deleted automatically, and all your data processes with the company will also be erased. We bring the best online assignment experts service provider who ensures our customers’ safety and benefit.


What are our payment services?

We use third-party payment services for billing you through an online payment account instead of directly processing your Payments. Correspondingly all transactions are entirely secured as a partner’s payment providers use encryption protection for your transaction.


What are the data that you provide?

You agree and understand that the billing information you provide for payment for our service through our website is processed by our partners’ payment providers only. You agree that Eduexperts Online will not be responsible for any failure of all the third parties for protecting your billing information. The processing of payments will be subjected to the terms and conditions of the Partners payment provider in addition to this policy.

Payments and taxes details:-

Upon receiving the payment from the customer, we will hold it and will send it to the appointed expert when the product is ready. Customers and experts will be entirely liable for all service transition fees related to the Delivery and consumption of the service through our website.

Note that we will post the changes or information about the changes on our website and notify you of significant modifications by email or through our website. Typically we will be trying to give you some warning before the new terms are enforced. However, sometimes changes will be implemented immediately; if this happens, we will not give you any notice.